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Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium

Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of 少女前线2:追放 (by Darkwinter Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

The end of a force, the rise of another force; the disappearance of a force, the growth of another force… This is about to be a world with sharp edges.

The commander who is no longer with Griffin chooses to bid farewell to the past and enter the contaminated zone. During the wandering journey, more and more people and tactical dolls appeared one after another. With their various stories, they have become an indispensable member of the commander’s team. The commander who just wanted to successfully complete the bounty commission and obtain a stable reward was unexpectedly attacked during an ordinary transportation mission. The commander discovered that he, who was once far away from the center of the whirlpool, seemed to be drawn into a larger whirlpool…

“Girls’ Frontline 2: Chase” is a 3D role-playing strategy game that supports mobile and PC dual-end experience. In the game you will fully experience:

3D immersive combat, multi-dimensional strategies and tactics

The levels have rich scene elements, various bunkers, mechanisms and terrains. The commander needs to have an overview of the overall situation, give full play to his commanding talents, and lead the humanoid team to defeat the enemy.

Exploration of polluted areas, high risks and high returns

Innovative large map exploration, you will lead the humanoid team to deeply explore the contaminated area and complete the advancement mission. While dealing with the enemy, please search for the remaining supply boxes on the map as much as possible to obtain higher rewards.

Simulated weapon system, free modification of firearms

Pistols, machine guns, shotguns… all types of firearms, 360° preview. You can freely add accessories to create a unique gun appearance, and use the most elite weapons to fight against more powerful enemies.

Immersive animation performance, rich interaction from all perspectives

Ultra-high-precision character models and rich interactive elements. In the dressing room, you can easily interact with the humanoid girl; in the lounge, use the camera to capture her posture moments and enjoy a different kind of warm time.

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