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Endless Wander – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Endless Wander – Roguelike RPG (by First Pick Studios)

“A mysterious Portal sealed for years reopens, offering a chance for Novu to save his sister trapped inside and to rebuild the Wanderer’s Guild.”

Endless Wander is an Action Roguelike in a pixel art style. Enjoy satisfying and challenging gameplay with infinite replayability.

Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG
Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG
Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG
Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG
Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG

-Experience smooth and intense real-time combat that will put your skill to the test.
-Experiment and create the optimal character build by combining weapon abilities and magical runes.
-Explore beautifully handcrafted pixel art environments along with an original soundtrack.
-Enjoy simple, reactive, and intuitive touch controls combined with an auto-aim mechanism to ensure a very satisfying experience on mobile.
-Upgrade your character and unlock new weapon skills and elemental runes.
-Enter a procedurally generated world where levels, loot, and enemies provide a different experience with every playthrough and offer infinite replayability
-Play offline (no internet connexion required) or use cloud saves to keep your progress on all your devices.

Endless Wander is the ultimate roguelike tailored both for people who want to experience their first indie roguelike and for veterans of the action roguelike genre.

Endless Wander - Roguelike RPG

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