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City of Outlaws

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The description of City of Outlaws (by VPlay Interactive Private Limited)

Unleash your wrath as a gangster who returned to his hometown and discovered his former glories have been pillaged by rival gangs! In this city of sin, no one will be exempt! The sins of your past will become your shackles or your driving force.

City of Outlaws

“City of Outlaws” is an unprecedented “open-world multiplayer gangster RPG” where you lead your brothers step by step to reclaim your gang’s former status. You will have the freedom to explore this detailed world, engaging in unique gangster missions such as escorting, surveillance, infiltration, and destruction. Strengthen your power by collecting weapons and recruiting henchmen. You can also fully customize your vehicles and speed through the streets, becoming the most notorious presence in the entire city. When interacting with the environment, accidentally injuring pedestrians or engaging in criminal activities will trigger a city-wide manhunt. Try to survive until you achieve revenge!

City of Outlaws

Multiplayer Online Open World Design, Explore the Real Gangster Life
Featuring a vast open world filled with authentic neighborhoods, you will encounter other players or enemies who are on missions alongside you. Crises and surprises may be lurking around the next corner! Throughout your journey, you will interact with pedestrians, carjack vehicles, destroy objects on the streets, and uncover hidden side missions. Step by step, you’ll grow in strength to reclaim the glory that once belonged to your gang! However, be extremely cautious as your enemies may not be limited to just gangsters…

City of Outlaws

Become the Arms King, Eliminate Opponents in Fierce Firefights
Sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and electric guns—dozens of unique firearms and ammunition. You can continuously expand and strengthen your arsenal, becoming the last one standing in intense PvE and PvP gunfights! Is battling against humans too easy? Enter various unique dungeons and challenge giant mechs and drones, experiencing an unprecedented sense of thrilling gunfights!

City of Outlaws

Elegant Sports Cars or Monstrous Muscle Cars? I Want Them All!
Have you ever dreamed of having your own garage? As a member of the gang, you can choose from dozens of distinct vehicles, including sports cars, trucks, large-scale haulers, and American muscle cars. You can also fully customize your beloved ride! Adjust the paint, rims, exhaust pipes, and even the engine output, making you the most eye-catching presence while tearing through the city!

City of Outlaws

Don’t Want to Engage in Constant Violence and Just Want to Live a Peaceful Life? No Problem!
I’m tired of the bloodthirsty lifestyle; I just want to live a good life… We’ve heard you! You can collect dozens of fashion items, decorate your house, earn money to buy cars, and go on trips… just by being a model citizen! Nonetheless, trouble may still sometimes find its way to you…

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City of Outlaws

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