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Civilization and elimination

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Civilization and elimination (by Temsahal)

Welcome to
Civilization & Elimination is an epic Match-3 battle game. Here, you’ll be the leader of a civilization as you explore and build your own home on a colorful floating island!
As your civilization progresses, you’ll need to learn and study the eliminating magic on the island, which is an important means of defending against the island’s monsters!

Game features:
Develop the clan
Build your unique clan and lead the rise of civilization! In this tribal development game, you will face difficult decisions to start with a small piece of land and gradually develop into a powerful and prosperous civilization. Recruit warriors, build magnificent buildings, and write your legend. As a leader, will you be able to lead the clan to glory and become a legend in history?

Civilization and elimination

Map exploration
Start an endless adventure, find amazing surprises! Explore a fantastic journey, travel through mysterious islands, discover lost civilizations, and reveal hidden treasures. In this world full of puzzles and challenges, every step is a new discovery, and each island is an unknown area.

Civilization and elimination

Eliminate Level Challenges
Match-3 Battles: Exciting levels have different matching combos to make your battle plan stronger.
Tower Defense Levels: Protect your team from waves of monsters using elimination and tower defense setups.
Rise to the challenge and go beyond the limits! From easy to extremely challenging, the level challenge game will test your reflexes and strategic thinking. You ready? The challenge is about to begin, become the king of the level and prove yourself!

Civilization and elimination

Master competition
Tough competition, flaunt your own style! No average players here, only the really strong ones. Compete against the best worldwide and display your skills and smart strategies. Try different game modes, face strong opponents, and stand out! Aim to become a legend in the arena!

Available: Google Play – HK, US

Civilization and elimination
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