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Clash of Rivals – Card Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Clash of Rivals – Card Battle (by INLOGIC PREMIUM – football soccer tennis sport)

Welcome to fantasy world full of strategy battles. You will require sharp thinking, fast reflexes and maybe a bit of luck as well on your side as you need to overcome your dangerous opponents. Prepare your armies by deck-buidling! Archers, knights, paladins and many more are waiting to be recruited to your war full of strategy and cunning tactics.

Clash of Rivals - Card Battle


Simple Gameplay – Dive into the action with intuitive and straightforward gameplay. Players of all skill levels can quickly grasp the mechanics and embark on an exciting card-based dueling adventure.
Strategy! – Prepare your mind for strategic brilliance as you immerse yourself in the depths of tactical card battles. Each move counts and the choices you make will shape the outcome of every encounter.
90 Unique Cards – There are nearly neverending combinations with 90 playable cards, each one of them with it´s own abilities and attributes – attack, defense, health and more and witness the immense power they hold.
4 card tiers – cards can get upgraded to further divesify the deck-building adventure – from basic all the way to legendary, merdge the threee same cards to upgrade them, can you collect them all?
6 Card Factions – You wanna play as a noble Human or a vile Orc? No problem, pick you favourite faction that suit your style, but remember, each faction of Clash of Rivals has its own strengths and weaknesses.
10 Arenas: Prove your worth as you climb the ranks and confront your enemies in 10 diverse arenas. Will you abe able to win a card-dealing duel in all of them?
Endless Rewards and Levels – Your fantasy medieval journey knows no bounds as you travel through an infinite loads of both rewards and challenging levels. The more you explore and conquer, the greater the treasures!

Clash of Rivals - Card Battle

How to play to against your enemies and what are the best tips to win a card duel in this addictive strategy game?

– Build a powerful deck comprising from 12 cards that suit your playstyle. The choices you make will determine your success in the arena, so choose wisely.
– Tactics are important – try to make your deck as evened out as possible, putting all points to the attack in not very wise.
– Collect gold coins to purchase cards packs – you can always use extra cards to clash with enemies!
– Merge to upgrade – you have three same cards? Use that to your advantage and merge them together to boost the stats to make it more effective against enemies cards!
– Don´t forget that there are bonus effects for faction-aligned decks – align your deck with cards of the same fraction to unlock special bonus effects to clash more effectively.
– Sell unwanted or spare cards – dispose of extra cards by selling them for valuable coins, cash is allways needed in our clash mania battle.

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Clash of Rivals - Card Battle
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