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Go-Go Ninja

💡 Platform – Android | iOS


Welcome to “Go-Go Ninja”, where the adventure of a lifetime awaits you!
You are about to embark on a difficult road of spiritual practice.
Come and gather your partners, pick up your weapons, and attack the top of the ninja world.

Go-Go Ninja

Easy Tapping, Gear Gaining
Only tapping, gears come up endlessly.
Keep practicing to kill enemies, upgrade the dojo, and go to the holy land that only the greatest are worthy of.
You can get sacred gear with just one click, and don’t forget to train automatically to free your hands.

Go-Go Ninja

Comprehensive Ninjutsu, Various Servants
In the world of ninjas, how could there not be a large number of ninjutsu and a variety of strange and cute shikigami?
There are more systems and gameplay with different features waiting for you to discover.

Go-Go Ninja

Legendary Ninja, Encounter and Friendship
You can meet a lot of friends and ninja masters, including legendary ninjas you never imagined.
Cherish their friendship and fight side by side.

Go-Go Ninja

Various Ninja Schools, Diverse Strategies
Counterattacks, combos, critical hits, blocks, and many more attribute combinations, many combat and ninjutsu styles are waiting for you to create, maybe you are the unique ninjutsu master.

Go-Go Ninja

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