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Combat Quest – Archer Action RPG

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The description of Combat Quest – Archer Action RPG

Develop your unique playstyle as you level up and choose your skills. Explore dungeons filled with dangerous monsters. Run, shoot, grow stronger. Pick the set of skills that lets you overcome the monsters and maybe even their bosses. Play their weaknesses into your strengths.

Combat Quest - Archer Action RPG

And when you’re done shooting and looting, it’s time for that treasure you got from the dungeon run. Craft and improve your equipment, insert magical stones to create the set of stats you need. Pick and use artifacts that suit your playing style. Be fast: run, dodge and shoot! Or be furious and go all-in with a storm of fiery arrows!

Combat Quest - Archer Action RPG

Quick dungeon runs – perfect way to spend 5-10 minutes of fun
A variety of skills to choose from – can you find the killer-combo?
Huge global map waiting to be explored
Endless progression, countless locations and plenty of dungeon modes
Weapons and equipment: a lot of grinding, crafting and socketing
High-quality 3D graphics
Hundreds of monsters and challenging bosses
…and did we mention powerful artifacts?

Combat Quest - Archer Action RPG
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