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CrisisX – Your Last Survival

Early access – CBT3 – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of CrisisX – Your Last Survival (by HUNTERGAME)

A deadly, mysterious virus outbreak wiped out most of the population within a few days, and the unknown infection continues to spread. People fled in chaos into the streets, only to realize that their homes had transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with toxic mutants and zombies roaming the city. Infrastructure is destroyed, and society and civilization have completely collapsed. Families were separated when fleeing into the wilderness.
Now, in this devastating doomsday, you are on your own! “SURVIVE” is the only thing that matters. How much longer can you make it out there?

The world is yours to discover!
Embark on your unknown adventure by creating a realistic self-avatar and exploring every inch of a unique, wide-open world with one of the largest maps ever developed. Raid cities, bunkers, and other locations teeming with terrifying walking dead, or explore freezing cold forests in the highlands. The game mechanics restore realistic geographic and climate conditions in North America, enabling you to experience different environments, landscapes, weather, and time zones. Confront numerous unexpected and serious tasks in a life after the end of the world, and build yourself a last shelter in this fallen continent!

CrisisX - Your Last Survival

New order & rules must be established!
Survival of the fittest! Test your survival skills by finding food and water, and collecting essential but rare materials left from the civilized world. Scavenge resources through activities like cutting trees, mining, hunting, gathering, and fishing to gain enough leverage for surviving the last days and perhaps establishing yourself as the most powerful among the last survivors. After all, only the strongest will endure in the light of day!

CrisisX - Your Last Survival

Knives out, fight or fight!
Exterminate crowds of mutated zombies and shoot down threatening monsters of all kinds. Each infected individual has a different appearance and attacking pattern depending on its mutation routes. As the last survivor, observe and employ a wise strategy to eliminate and escape the state of decay!
Your most formidable enemies are other surviving human players! Do not blindly venture into the dead; instead, grip your weapon tightly, be vigilant, and keep your eyes open for other survivalists passing by, whether engaging in a 1vs1 battle or an alliance battle. The distinction between a loyal friend and a dangerous intruder is often a fine line.

CrisisX - Your Last Survival

Together, we thrive!
Gain a foothold first by constructing yourself a shelter and exploiting resources through activities like taming horses, building, planting, and breeding. Ally with other survivors, restore a community, and expand in this zombie apocalypse. Fight side by side with your fellow survivors to resist enemy attacks. Only together can we survive in the last days on Earth!

CrisisX - Your Last Survival

Uncover the mystery behind the end of the world!
On this action packed journey of survival, you’ll be facing different tasks, puzzles and riddles. Solve them to expose the truth of the shattered world and save the dying light of the civilization. Perhaps the destruction of the fallen humanity was not an accident! You may also find more clues to trace your family’s whereabouts!

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Available: Google Play – SEA

CrisisX - Your Last Survival
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