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Dark Eden Blood War

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 다크에덴 블러드워 (by HKBBGL)

The bloody war begins again.
Collect all the Blood Bibles and a new door will open!

Softton Official License
‘Dark Eden Blood War’ reproduces the emotions of the original PC online game on mobile

다크에덴 블러드워
다크에덴 블러드워

The Return of the Original Horror Action Dark Fantasy
Slayer vs Vampire Original 6 types of representative occupations
‘Dark Eden Blood War’, which reproduces the fierce PK of the original, such as the biblical battle and the siege battle

다크에덴 블러드워
다크에덴 블러드워

Dark Eden: Blood War Main Content
A fierce ‘Bible War’ between guilds over the Bible
‘100 PK’ full of tension in various original maps
‘Collecting rare items’ through boss raids
‘Create your own style’ full of personality
‘Distinctive ride experience’ such as bikes and bats

Naver –

다크에덴 블러드워
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