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Darkness saga


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Darkness saga (by Leniu Games)

Darkness Saga presents to you a fantastical magic world with incredibly stunning combat effects. From magic exploration to equipment forging, class advancements, spirit guardians, equipment trading, guild battles, and world domination, it takes you on a journey through a world of magic.

Game Features

Everyone is enemy
Here, the chance of gear dropped is the same for every player. Build a team with your friends. Let’s go to slay the BOSS, you must don’t want to miss the rare item.

Darkness saga

Cross server Battle
Get to meet some people that won’t betray you and team up with them. Conquer this magical world, conquer the other servers. Make everyone surrender to you, Be the empire of the world. In the game of cross-server, you win, or you die.

Darkness saga

Multiple Class Switching
Freely switch between multiple classes, with talents and equipment seamlessly inherited, providing more freedom of choice and a diverse class experience.

Darkness saga

Steam and Magic
Explore a steampunk world and experience a different magical continent, embarking on an adventure in Diagon Alley and the Magic Academy.

Darkness saga

Free Abyss Treasure Hunt
Free PvP across the entire map, team up to clear dungeons and share resources, and obtain a full set of top-tier divine equipment from boss drops easily.

Darkness saga

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