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Darza’s Dominion

Official Launch – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android, iOS, PC, Steam

The description of Darza’s Dominion (by Ripple Studio)

Darza’s Dominion has been FULLY rebuilt from the ground up. If you played the original version, you’ll be welcomed by: completely new artwork, redesigned environments, a fresh take on the UI, lots of new content, and new powerful weapons to wield!

Darza's Dominion

Also, if you’re account was linked by email, you’ll still have your characters and every piece of loot you stored waiting for you!

Darza's Dominion

We think it’s important to disclose that, even though we plan on providing a consistent update cycle with the re-release of mobile, the last time Darza’s was playable on mobile was December 2019. In that time, we as developers have dropped the ball on releasing a follow-up(date), and we wanted that to be acknowledged up front before you as a player consider supporting us either monetarily or with your time.

Darza's Dominion

Darza’s Dominion is a Co-Op Roguelike MMORPG Bullet-Hell Shooter with cross-play for Mobile and PC! Enter the Dominion and fight for your life taking on the role of 8 unique character classes and together with your companions use their abilities to traverse and conquer the lands controlled by an angry deity named Darza! Scattered around the Dominion are dangerous creatures in different biomes who want nothing more than to clear you out! Don’t take this sitting down, or do! Play anywhere with your friends today and take back the Dominion!

Darza's Dominion

What do you experience?

● Fast-paced gameplay
● Rare and exciting loot to stand out from your friends
● Unique character classes
● Multiple dungeons with unique mechanics
● Intense boss fights
● Dozens of players by your side at any time
● A vibrant player-based economy
● Daily challenges that give you free gold

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Darza's Dominion
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