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De-Extinction: Jurassic – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of De-Extinction: Jurassic (by Arc Games International)

In the near future, with climate warming and drilling technology development, humans have discovered a large number of well-preserved dinosaur specimens under the Arctic frozen soil. In 2050, The Dimension Miracle, an energy and gene therapy giant, successfully resurrected dinosaurs with genetic technology, and established a resort of both amusement and research functions—Midland on Lomiarah Island

Midland has become the yearning place for everyone to witness the real dinosaurs, but suddenly it lost contact with everyone outside on a certain day. And you, as the commander of an elite squad of mercenaries at The Dimension Miracle, will lead and protect a squad of scientists, engineers and administrators as they embark on a journey full of mysteries and dangers to reveal the secret of Midland’s loss ……

Commander, protect and manage your squad to reproduce the glory of Midland through management and strategy. Through the domestication of dinosaurs and the use of genetic technology, unravel the mystery of the island and defeat the enemies in the fog……

– Thrilling Adventure
The Midland Crisis is full of mysteries and dangers. As a commander, you will lead your team through a series of crises from ferocious dinosaurs and human-made conspiracies to create your own epic in the turmoil.

De-Extinction: Jurassic

– Rich and Real Dinosaur Ecology
In the game, you will encounter more than 100 kinds of dinosaurs with complex and diverse characteristics. In addition to surviving, you can choose a docile Triceratops as a friend, capture and domesticate a ferocious T-Rex to help fight, or study the genetic secrets of Psittacosaurus.

De-Extinction: Jurassic

– Recruit and Expand Your Squad
In addition to the explorers you bring to the island, you can also encounter dinosaur trainers, scientists, mercenaries, and even tourists on the island. You can recruit these survivors and use their specialties to strengthen your squad. Many of them can become excellent dinoriders!

De-Extinction: Jurassic

– Cooperation and Confrontation
As you explore the island, you discover that you are not the only one who has set foot in this mysterious place. Although you still don’t know where the others came from and their purpose. You are free to choose to ally or fight with other commanders to write a new chapter of this island!

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De-Extinction: Jurassic

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