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Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

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The description of Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based (by DFW Games)

Welcome to Domination Dynasty!

Experience a unique 4X multiplayer strategy game that seamlessly combines turn-based gameplay and real-time economic elements on a colossal map with thousands of players! Expand your empire, seize world domination, and make your enemies tremble! Rise to power through military might, tactical skills, superb diplomacy, or a flourishing economy – the choice is yours. Many paths lead to the top, so make use of your strengths!

Huge Map
Lead your empire on a massive multiplayer map surrounded by thousands of players! Beware of your enemies, but stay alert and identify potential allies early on. Venture with your scouts through the dense fog of war, gradually uncovering the vast expanses of land and oceans. Encounter impressive island formations and natural landmarks, experiencing the diversity of deserts, savannahs, jungles, forests, and grasslands. Plan the construction of your empire wisely, as the terrain of the map can offer significant strategic advantages in the battle for world domination!

Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

Turn-Based Battles
All battles occur in a turn-based and pre-planned manner on the map. This gives you enough time to consider your next moves and engage in the next battle with strategy and tactics – it all depends on your skills! Each unit type has unique strengths and weaknesses, so deploy your powerful armies and fleets strategically and thoughtfully. Various influencing factors such as troop formations, equipment items, and individual movement speeds, along with a precise battle preview, ensure a fair, competitive, and highly strategic gaming experience – both on land and at sea!

Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

Real-Time Economy
Whether you want to expand your impressive cities or improve your economy, it all happens in real-time! Between turns, you have enough time to boost your productions and lay the foundation for your successful progression. Manage gold-producing deposits of luxury resources, extract crucial materials, increase your scientific progress, and ensure flourishing cities through an ample food supply! The choice of the location where your settlers found their city also plays a role.

Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

In this vast world, being a lone warrior will be challenging, so join forces with your friends, form powerful dynasties, and conquer the world together! As part of a dynasty, you benefit from numerous advantages, including full map visibility of all dynasty members to detect enemy troop movements early. Stay vigilant, communicate through the chat, and devise new strategies because the competition never sleeps!

Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

Create powerful items endowed with individual bonuses and abilities that can decide victory or defeat in times of war. Send your explorers on daring expeditions and have them plunder abandoned ruins to craft unique weapons, armor pieces, and jewelry from the acquired materials. Soon, you’ll impress your opponents with unprecedented strength in your units!

Tech Tree
Lead your empire through the many ages and historical epochs, advancing with technological progress. Develop your swordsmen into cutting-edge combat tanks and equip your archers with precise sniper rifles. However, your economy also benefits from researching new technologies, significantly advancing the development of your cities!

Domination Dynasty: Turn-Based

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