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Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War (by Wanda Cinemas Games)

Commander! We need backup! BILLIONS OF ZOMBIES closing in fast!!!

Our base is under attack! We are running out of everything, there’s no way to defense! Mankind will lose totally without your help! There’s no time to waste! We need your leadership NOW!

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War is a survival strategy game, where you need to fight against zombies to survive and lead your people to greatness. The game brings you into a wasteland. Mankind mutated into zombies, survivors are defeated by the power of the zombies, forced to move to the shelter to seek hope. And you, as commander of the survivors, decide the fate of mankind and must win the wars. Build your greatest shelter, establish strongest alliances with other survivors, fight the zombies with your most powerful troops, only you have the power to win the final war. The light of future is all in your hands.



In the age of zombie war, you need to develop technology and build your strong troops of survivors with strategy. Drive the mighty titan into wars and keep challenging more powerful zombies. Journey outside the shelter and fight for valuable resources in the wasteland. Only the strongest survivors dare to take the initiative!

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War


Unlock the misty areas, save the survivors and build your shelter. Explore and expand more land, building your unique shelter to confront the zombie menace head-on. Meanwhile, other opposed alliances may be ready to rob your shelter at any time. To protect your shelter and lead your people towards a beacon of hope, use your building strategy.

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War


Instead of recruit heroes in the wasteland, you now have the chance to revive historical heroes. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Hua Mulan… These powerful heroes who are good at fighting now become ones of your troops against pesky zombies. Train your unstoppable troops and light mankind’s greatness again!

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War


To survive in the zombie war era, developing diplomacy and establishing alliances with your friends are very important. Call your allies to transport resources you need and help you reduce building time. Help each other with survivors to assemble your friends to win more wars and seize more resources. To be survivors or zombies, it’s all up to you!

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War


Not only the zombie wars, multiplayers start the endless real-time Server vs Server Wars to build their own alliances as well. Fight with your powerful heroes and troops to defend your honor as the esteemed leader. Guide your alliance to victory in wars and be the only king of the world!


Available: Google Play – US

Doomsday Survivor: Zombie War
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