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Idle Dinosaurs

Early access – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Dinosaurs (by Hydodo)

Dino Hunters!「Idle Dinosaurs」 It’s a game set in prehistoric times where you can combine and train dinosaurs, strategically placing them to defeat powerful bosses and become the ruler of the dinosaur age!

Dino PK, defeat your opponents
Battles are filled with thrills and excitement! In the game, you can challenge various dinosaurs. Engage in intense battles with other players and defeat strong opponents to enhance your combat power.

Idle Dinosaurs

Flexible combinations, change formations
You need to choose the best dinosaur combination and utilize the unique skills of each dinosaur to defeat your opponents. Each dinosaur has its own attributes and skills, and only with proper combinations and precise usage can you achieve victory in battles.

Idle Dinosaurs

Idle gameplay, hands-free
In this game, you don’t need too much operation or time and gold investment. Just arrange your dinosaur lineup properly, and the game will run automatically. Even without manual operation, the game can still progress, helping you level up quickly and acquire resources.

Idle Dinosaurs

Synthesize food, upgrade dinosaurs
With a wide variety of dinosaurs and beasts, as well as different combinations of ingredients: tender loin, apricot-flavored ribs, plump ginkgo fruits… just two ingredients can be synthesized into new food! Unlock different ingredient combinations to feed your dinosaurs and discover their favorites. P.S. They will be happy when they eat their favorite food.

Idle Dinosaurs : Journey of Evolution features exquisite visuals, realistic sound effects, and easy-to-understand gameplay, making it perfect for casual entertainment and relaxation. For those who love challenges and competition, Dino PK is definitely a game you shouldn’t miss! Join us, become the strongest dinosaur hunter, and experience thrilling hunting moments with fierce yet adorable

Idle Dinosaurs

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