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City Hunter

Official Launch(VN)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố (by SOHAGAME)


Rescue the City – Enter the Game and Give away 1 Million Diamonds
City Hunter City Hunter Super Role-Playing Product – Post-Apocalyptic Combat City Hunter Tho San Thanh Pho

City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố

Battle Simulation in City Hunter Game City Hunter

The Earth is barely alive after the 6th Great Extinction, high-rise buildings have become old ruins and the world is covered with dense forests.
Play as the last survivors, confront hordes of ferocious robot monsters, fight and regain dominance.

City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố

3D Graphics – Vivid Immersion
City Hunter offers a fierce and vivid combat role-playing experience thanks to its advanced graphics. Players can choose to complete main quests to progress to other parts of the story or enjoy hunting mechanical creatures to increase their power.
Carefully invested cinematic animations will allow players to have interesting perspectives on the journey to protect the city. Of course, the monster hunting confrontations also become extremely intense.

City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố

Choose Weapon – Hunt Monsters
Learn to survive! When a wave of zombies rushes in or an army of monsters begins to accelerate, anything in your hand is a weapon.
The game provides a variety of missions to defeat monsters, sometimes shooting, sometimes releasing fire, sometimes approaching and fighting with magic.

City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố

Level Up Reincarnation – Protect the City
With each character class, players can choose to transform into different evolutionary forms to suit their gameplay.
Reincarnation will change your appearance and fighting style.

Diverse Gameplay – Explore Freely
The game’s rich activities allow players to freely explore and demonstrate their skills, whether fighting alone or forming a team of hunters to increase their chances of survival.
Inter-Server Boss Hunting
Online Arena
Death Match Conference
Dungeon Exploration
World Boss Hunting
Fire Soul Escort

Available: Google Play / App Store – VN

City Hunter Thợ Săn Thành Phố
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