Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn – NFT

Pre-registration – Open/ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn (by METABORA Co., Ltd.)

Pre-register now to receive various rewards!

– [Elite] Ribbon Apeach x1
to give you a head start

– Select Rare Character Piece Box x3
to expand your roster

– Epic Drink x100
to level up your characters!

Enjoy golf in the palm of your hand while earning crypto!
In BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn, you can collect cute characters and the latest golf equipment to compete against players all across the globe!

Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn


Fully Customizable Golf Team
– Build a team of 8 characters, each specializing in one type of golf club.
– Collect the latest equipment, such as rangefinders and golf apparel, to maximize your winning chances.
– Attach up to 3 special skills per character, which further boost their performance on the field!

Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn

Various Gameplay Modes
– Play 1vs1 matches in the World Tour mode to earn EXP Drinks to level up your characters.
– Complete Adventure Mode missions for FREE characters and equipment.
– Participate in various heart-racing competitions to earn Gold and exchange for crypto!

Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn

Beautiful Golf Courses from Around the World
– Your rivals await you on golf courses in Hawaii, Japan, Norway and more.
– Climb up World Tour tiers to unlock more courses to play on!

Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn

Free to Enjoy & Earn!
– Everyone can start playing for free! No investment required to earn Gold!
– Your own golfing skill is the most important factor in matches. Practice your shots and keep winning!

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Discord :

Birdie Shot : Enjoy & Earn

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