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Overlord: King of Yggdrasil

Official Launch(CN) – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 纳萨力克之王 (by Kadokawa Corporation)

Exclusive agent of Bilibili Games, the first OVERLORD authentic authorized mobile game “King of Nazarick” will officially open beta for all platforms on November 21!

Here you will transform into the Supreme Being and embark on an unprecedented fantasy adventure with Albedo, Shalltear and dozens of other original characters with exclusive skills. Not limited to the traditional card gameplay, creatively through free matching strategies of lineups and genres, the characters get rid of the restrictions of rarity, create an epic showdown exclusive to Nazarick, and embark on the road to conquer the king of another world.

The bones of the sinful realm will eventually be the king. Intruders from another world, start this otherworldly adventure where the villain is the king, and become the ruler of this world!


Welfare for the public beta celebration goes first, and we sincerely look forward to the coming of the Supreme One

2 million reservations have been reached across all platforms, and public beta benefits have been fully upgraded! In the first week of launch, you will receive 100 draws directly to help the Supreme Master dominate the other world! Log in for two days to get Yuri’s limited costume “Servant of the Holy Light”. By participating in the event, you can also get the SSR character “Blood Valkyrie Shalltear”, Shalltear’s limited costume “Queen of Pain”, a universal arc of your choice and other massive rewards for free!


The adventure of the supreme villain, classic plots are staged in turn

Officially authorized by Kadokawa, experience all-round ultimate restoration. Here, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and the world landscape of OVERLORD will be presented wonderfully. You can experience the customs and customs of the Kingdom of Rei Yestij, and you may even meet elite troops from the Silian Theocracy to exchange experiences… .. From the moment you enter the game, the Supreme has traveled to a different world and started his own adventure!


Unlimited card duel strategies, a passionate experience of the Bone King War

The original setting is deeply integrated with the gameplay. While restoring the character’s skill mechanism to the extreme, it also creates cool and gorgeous exclusive animation special effects, bringing unlimited strategic matching space and a passionate and fun combat experience. Incarnate as the Supreme Being and lead his companions to experience famous scenes such as a battle of wits and courage with the air, a move to show respect, and Ainz Ooal Gown not being defeated, etc., and embark on the road to conquer the world.


Cultivate and match freely as you wish, no worries about character reset with zero loss

Different character skill combinations bring diversified genre strategies. Only by brainstorming and deploying troops can you defeat the enemy and win. The legendary super-level magic falling from the sky is perfectly restored and presented with ingenuity, allowing every move to show off the operating limits. Reset with one click to easily protect your liver, no longer have to worry about resource tilt, freely switch character lineups, and immersively enjoy the unique charm of OVERLORD characters.

Freely explore random events, and deeply restore the original world

The vast and diverse terrain, the chaotic and complex forces, recreate the real world of the original “OVERLORD”! The game world is restored with exquisite depiction and three-dimensionality. Following the development of the plot, not only the classic strongholds such as Karn Village and Lantier Town are in front of you, but there are also original side plots and random events supervised by Kadokawa, allowing you to experience an exciting exploration of another world. !

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