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Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night – TW | KR

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night (by Perfect World Games | IWPLAY WORLD)

Persona 5: The Phantom Experience completely new characters and a new story in this new work, which was created based on the world view of Persona 5 while maintaining the stylish feel of the original. Members of the original Phantom Thieves of Hearts are also scheduled to appear.

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

An undersea tunnel excavated in the sea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe mind, only those who choose can find it.
This is a place between dreams and reality, between spirit and matter.
Welcome to the Velvet Room. Igor and his assistants waited for a long time.
As a visitor, your adventure is about to begin.

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

The power of the awakened mind, the exploration of another world begins
You can transform into a phantom thief leader, lead your companions through another world, infiltrate palaces with different themes, and experience a variety of play systems such as exploration, puzzles, training, and combat.
Lock away your twisted desires and embark on a journey of reform to repent the ‘Shadows’!

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

Youth Diary, a relationship that deepens through dating
A lively athletic girl, an assistant in the Velvet Room, a soft and calm female student…
Meet colleagues of various statuses, give them gifts, develop goodwill, and develop closer relationships with your own stories.

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

Stylish and free city life
You can experience Tokyo’s hot spots while traveling through famous areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku.
Experience city life realistically through various activities such as classes, part-time jobs, baseball, watching movies, exercising, and meeting passers-by!

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

A relationship that transcends time and space, a moment when fate intersects
Destinies collide at the crossroads of another world. Strange but familiar faces reappear.
Unfold a new chapter of adventure with the main characters of the original Persona 5!

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night

Officially licensed JRPG of all time
With an official license from SEGA, ATLUS participated deeply in full supervision, famous designer Shigenori Soejima designed the main character, and Lyn, the main vocalist of the Persona series, provided a passionate song.
Now play the best original JRPG new mobile game ever!

Available: TAP / App Store – CN


Official website(KR)

Official – X (Twitter)

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korean


Official website(CN)

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO

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