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Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS – NFT

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS – (by SWORD MANAGEMENT)

Raise your own players and compete against rival characters from the Jump manga “Captain Tsubasa” and other players for items as you aim to become the World Champion!

A casual and fun soccer game that only takes 5 minutes a day!
A casual battle game that represents a soccer match in turns! Even if you are a soccer beginner, you can enjoy the game experience!
A rich variety of original characters and a fun game that can be played even in your spare time!

Soccer strategy battles for all players!
Despite the casual style of the game, strategy is the key to win the game!
Which character to raise? What deck to play with? What items to use?
There are many ways to battle! Use your own strategy to become the World Champion!

Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS - NFT

Immerse yourself in the world of Captain Tsubasa!
Many special moves that appeared in the original story are reproduced in 3D!
In the game, you can battle with your own original characters!
The character cards include frames from the original manga!
Immerse yourself in the world of Captain Tsubasa while playing the game!

Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS - NFT
Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS - NFT

Various ways to play with plenty of content!
There is a story mode where you can battle rival characters from the original story, and you can also play PvP mode where you can battle against rivals from all over the world in real-time using the players you’ve raised!
Enjoy Captain Tsubasa every day in a way that suits you!

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Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS - NFT

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