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Hattori: Battle Clash

Official Launch – Beta – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hattori: Battle Clash (by FunkyMonkey Studio)

Hattori is an online mobile PvP based 3D MMORPG battler masterpiece with fantastic graphics and unique gameplay in a fantasy setting. Take a head of a truly ninja role in a mystery world with several open regions full of secrets. Stepping on the path to the dignity of the Book of Death, you will face with:

Book of Death
The book reveals its secrets to the one who feeds it with the blood. The book will guide your path progress through the regions to the final meet with the keeper – The Crow. You fill the book with blood by killing enemies in PVP Battles.

Hattori: Battle Clash

PVP & Skills
Starting from the newbie – you will fight with your enemies in PvP duels using all classy ninja active and passive skills, such as shuriken throw, harpoon, smoke screen and others to take the victory and growth. Master your strategy, tactic and combat skills to the maximum to not get killed from the enemy’s shurikens during the battles or get injured. Each win will give you benefits and loot.

Hattori: Battle Clash

Lockpicking & loot
You will find and receive a different type of the loot during your path, such as enemies bags, hidden places in regions and different types of the chest, but don’t relax too soon – they will be locked, of course. As a true master of the hidden secrets, you will have to find a lockpick with a different unlock power to get the desirable treasure, which will be hidden inside.

Hattori: Battle Clash

Craft & Customization
In Hattorri world, you will be able to craft your desirable shurikens with the different passive skills and stats. Also, sew the unique costumes from the cloth material that you will get from the chests. But not only the weapon and costume can be made – also the alchemy bottles that will help you to heal your injury or get buff, use them wisely. Each ninja has a passion for individuality – that’s why you will have a ton of different skins and paints to get your customization on the next level. Share your best character look with your friends, or show it to everyone during tournament events.

Hattori: Battle Clash

Tournaments & Achievements
Which ninja does not want to be the first ? There isn’t one – that’s why you will be able to take part in different tournament events to show everyone your power. Get the top rank places and receive unique rewards and complete different types of achievements as a true skillmaster.

Play online with the different players from all over the world in different play mods to fill the Book with Blood till the final meet of its keeper and show that you became a dignity for having all of its secrets. And remember – ninja is not just a personal rule or profession – it’s a path. Start yours one right now, playing Hattori.

Hattori: Battle Clash

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