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RANBU 三国志乱舞 (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

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The description of RANBU 三国志乱舞

“RANBU Sangokushi Ranbu” is with beautiful warlords who dance in the world of Sangokushi.
“Bisho strategy simulation” aiming for the world.
Manipulate the beauty general with your fingertips, circulate wisdom, and aim for the world with your friends!
Released at the same time in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan!

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Beautiful and attractive characters in 2D and 3D
In addition to beautiful 2D illustrations, gorgeous beauty generals with high-quality 3D graphics dance brilliantly in various scenes such as battles and stories.

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Realism and strategy to control the battlefield with your fingers
Organize military commanders with various characteristics such as military departments and skills according to the strategy.
Control the actions and skills of the unit with a simple touch operation,
A simple and highly strategic battle develops.

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Random battle aiming for the top with friends
An incandescent guild battle “Ranbu Battle” that forms a guild with other players and competes for occupation!
Gather the wisdom of the members and grab the glory of victory.

RANBU 三国志乱舞

World battle where the representative of each server decides the sex
By guilds who ranked high in the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese server turbulent battle
Real-time global guild battle “World Battle”!
Cooperate with your friends and win the world in a war betting supremacy!

Official site – https://www.jp.square-enix.com/RANBU/

RANBU 三国志乱舞
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