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Dragon Ring Origin


💡 Platform – Android

The description of 드래곤반지 오리진 (by 트렌드테크)

Game introduction
Dragon Ring Origin is an epic story of heroes fighting against dragons sealed in nine rings.
As one of three classes of heroes, you’ll adventure across continents, acquire equipment, and prepare to battle dragons.
Pursue endless strength by growing with various rewards obtained from numerous contents such as the main story, boss battles, and arenas.
Dragon Ring Origin with quick level up and easy automatic battle. Your journey has already begun!

Game Features
Epic story campaign
Travel through the area where the nine rings are sealed and enjoy a grand fantasy epic.

드래곤반지 오리진

Tense-filled boss battle
Defeat dozens of powerful bosses to earn loot, XP, and special drops!
Defeat fearsome dragons, necromancers, golems and monsters to acquire more powerful equipment.

드래곤반지 오리진

PVP Arena
Two people fight, but only one survives. Fight against other players, earn special rewards, and increase your Arena Battle Ranking.

드래곤반지 오리진

Incomparable customized MMORPG
A variety of jobs and equipment to choose from provides numerous growth paths for heroes.
Just like a classic RPG, you have complete control over your hero’s attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

드래곤반지 오리진

Intense 3D graphics
Dragon Ring Origins is a mobile game that looks and feels like a console RPG.
Enjoy battles in a beautiful environment using unique skills and attack motions using full 3D graphics.

드래곤반지 오리진

Convenient automatic battle function
Use automatic battle to explore the continent faster and more conveniently.
You don’t want to fight the same monsters and bosses hundreds of times, right? Let the game play itself out.

Available: Google Play – South Korea

드래곤반지 오리진

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