Dungeons & Fighters Mobile

Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dungeons & Fighters Mobile (by NEXON Company)

The essence of action pleasure presented by Neople, a famous action house!

Time to awaken your dormant action instinct!
Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, where everyone starts anew!

Now, experience the exhilarating pleasure of action anytime, anywhere!

Original action pleasure Dungeon & Fighter Mobile!
The intense combo action of the original that you can feel with a touch and high-quality dot graphics!
Experience the thrilling action pleasure unique to Dungeon & Fighter on mobile!

던전앤파이터 모바일

Dungeon & Fighter’s unique combo action
The next level belt scrolling mobile action that contains the essence of Dungeons & Fighters!
Through a specialized operation system for mobile such as chain combos, slides, and expansion slots,
You can enjoy extreme action that you have never experienced before.

던전앤파이터 모바일

Various characters full of personality
With characters representing Dungeon & Fighter
Let’s go on an adventure through time and space once more!
Experience a different playstyle with a variety of unique skills and weapons for each character!

던전앤파이터 모바일

Plenty of entertainment
First introduced in Mobile Dungeon & Fighter
Including the overwhelming scale Lotus Raid
World Boss, Ancient Dungeon, Hell Party, Duel, etc.
Enjoy a variety of action pleasure content!

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

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