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Dynasty Pantheon

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dynasty Pantheon (by Pyro Entertainment Limited)

Are you a fan of simulation war games set in the Three Kingdoms era?
If you love the heroic stories of that time and enjoy intense warfare, this is the perfect game for you! Join the war-torn world full of undead and fantastical creatures and summon the mightiest Three Kingdoms heroes to fight alongside you!

Game Description:
You need to deploy your adorable Three Kingdoms generals and participate in various battlefields with mixed terrains. The generals will compete against each other, along with five other players, starting from the same point. Each tower level features a different theme: Three Kingdoms, fantasy, demon realm, and more. The unique battlefields combine various regions from the starting point to the endpoint. Only the top three players who pass through the battlefield first are qualified to enter the next tower level!

Game Features:
Experience the thrilling combat of a virtual war game infused with the Three Kingdoms background! In this captivating fantasy world, you will summon renowned heroes from the Three Kingdoms, participate in intense war scenes, and conquer the tower to claim the ultimate treasure!

Dynasty Pantheon

Forge Mighty Heroes
In this game, you can summon them all from a myriad of Three Kingdoms heroes to the Sky Tower. Each hero possesses unique advantages and characteristics, allowing you to strategically allocate them to different battlefields based on your preferences. Forge your strongest Three Kingdoms heroes and showcase their immense combat power!

Dynasty Pantheon

Challenge Various Battlefield
The game offers multiple challenges and events that require continuously improving your generals’ abilities. Traverse different types of battlefields, challenge powerful undead guardians, and become a true Three Kingdoms hero!

Dynasty Pantheon

Wisdom and Strategy
This game requires familiarity with each battlefield and demands strategic planning and the utilization of different generals. Only by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character can you achieve victory in fierce competition!

Dynasty Pantheon

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