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Ragnarok V : Returns

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ragnarok V : Returns (by Gravity Game Tech)

From legendary IP game: Ragnarok Online to the MMORPG 3D mobile game. Beautiful and cute cartoon-style, amazing skills, along with adorable voice over.

Ragnarok V: Return begins with players taking on the role of brave individuals preparing for the disaster of Ragnarok, which is set to devastate the human world. With the portal gate of monster now open, monsters invade the land of Midgard. It is the duty of every brave individual to protect the world.

Ragnarok V : Returns

Game Highlights
Classes from Ragnarok Online
6 main classes: Swordman, Archer, Mage, Thief, Acolyte, Merchant.

Ragnarok V : Returns

Item Crafting System
Collect materials and craft a variety of items.

Ragnarok V : Returns

Quest System
Enjoy daily quests quests to keep the adventure fresh.

Ragnarok V : Returns

Guild Wars
Search for members, conquer battles, and only the victors can determine their fate.

Ragnarok V : Returns

Personal Shop System
Buy and sell in-game items freely.

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Ragnarok V : Returns

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