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SCP: Bloodwater

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of SCP: Bloodwater (by Neuroticfly Games)

SCP Bloodwater is a strategy management defense game inspired by the SCP Foundation’s SCP-354 (“The Red Pool”).

In this game, you take the role of a newly appointed Site Director at the Red Pool Containment Zone, also known as the Area-354 Containment Site. Your mission as the new Site Director is threefold:

SCP: Bloodwater

1) Harvest Resources
2) Attack and Defend
3) Research and Progress

Be warned; this is an anomalously strategic game.

SCP: Bloodwater

Which research should you do first?
How many D-Class should you deploy?
What type of military unit should you use against that beast?
Should you retreat now and save your team, or continue the assault?
Should you focus on your military and conventional weapons or research genetics instead and use the Red Pool’s monsters against it?
Do you have what it takes to defend your base until the Red Pool awakens?

SCP: Bloodwater

In this universe, SCP-354 has been elevated to Thaumiel for the discovery of SCP-354-B, which is a valuable organic material that drops from entities that SCP-354 manifests, referred to as SCP-354-A.

SCP: Bloodwater

For this reason, the SCP Foundation has launched operations in order to harvest more SCP-354-B which in turn had only made SCP-354 angry. Consequently and unsurprisingly, the more they harvest SCP-354-B and the more they slaughter SCP-354-A entities, the larger and stronger the swarms become. But you have no choice, similar to the Y-909 compound, SCP-354-B is just too valuable, so these harvesting operations must continue as much as possible.

SCP: Bloodwater
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