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Randomdice : RollRoll – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Randomdice : RollRoll (by 111%)

Random Dice: RollRoll is an auto battler game where you place and merge Dians on the battlefield. The key factors in the game are arrangement, merging, and luck!

Prepare for battle by strategically merging the Dians that are randomly generated every round! The adorable Dians with unique skills will fight for you on the battlefield.

隨機骰子:擲擲骰 (Randomdice)

Predict your opponent’s movements and place your Dians. Engage in vivid battles and become the last to survive! Collect more than 30 different Dians and battle your opponents with unexpected moves to claim victory!

Randomdice : RollRoll

Choose your Dice Cards wisely to achieve the perfect victory! Select the appropriate card from more than 40 types of Dice Cards to create your own synergy based on the current battle situation! The variety of Dice Cards increases upon higher tiers!

Randomdice : RollRoll

Collect Dice Tokens by claiming victories to experience another level of fun from the Dice Roller! Match synergies just by rolling Dice to collect Dians in various rarities. Don’t miss the fun and test your luck. It’s your chance to obtain Legendary Dians!

Random Dice: RollRoll is the world of possibilities! Download NOW and Join the Battle!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK

隨機骰子:擲擲骰 (Randomdice)

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