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Engage Souls


The description of Engage Souls

A RPG depicting boys and girls who were fascinated by the world of “engage”, a competition of five people, aiming to become professional players of “engage” and grow with their friends and rivals

Game Features

Engage Souls

“Engagement” where “Janken” holds the key to the game!
A new battle system with the motif of “rock-paper-scissors”!
Choose your favorite card from the three open hands and win!

Engage Souls

Schools with different characteristics that train professional players of “engage”
・ “Mighty Egg”, an amateur group of unknown ability
・ Elite corps “First Star” which gathered sports elite of each world
-A collection of princess shields “Starritter”
・ Five young fist fighters aiming to revive the legendary old man “Fukazume Kogane”
・ A soul-bladder Sakura-style sect “Haruyo Ikki” that inherits traditional swordsmanship
・ Children “Jumble Toys” living in a swamped city and more

Engage Souls

Belonging to a school, let’s develop an ideal character!
Let’s develop the ideal character while enjoying different stories for each character!
Work hard with all the school students, practice and play, and sometimes compete with rivals in an engagement battle to become an “engage” player!

Engage Souls

“4 battle modes” for players to challenge!
・ “Street battle”
A battle mode where you can play online or use a GPS function to match nearby friends and have a one-on-one battle with the characters you have raised!

“Pro League”
A battle mode where 5 characters of each attribute form a deck and compete!
You can get rewards according to your grades. Form a proud team and challenge!

“Team rivalry”
The player belongs to one of the two designated schools, and a battle mode where all players compete for the total number of wins of the school to which they belong!

“Grand Tournament”
A monthly tournament tournament for all players!
Two battle modes, a single battle where you can challenge yourself to build a deck with your own characters, and a team battle where you can either join with friends or choose a character with one member that you have created in a random match and challenge yourself with a deck that has been created!

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Engage Souls
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