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Eternity Master

Early access – Beta Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Eternity Master (by Moonlit Peaks Gaming)

Explore Hand-Drawn Landscapes Recreating Ancient China! Dive into a fresh art style with top-notch cartoon graphics that bring ancient myths to life. Embark on an immersive journey, exploring the mysteries of a bygone era, with endless adventures waiting just for you.

Eternity Master

Collect and Capture Hundreds of Mystical Pets! Venture across the expansive world filled with diverse spirits and powerful deities. Every corner of the world hides a creature waiting to be found.

Eternity Master

Engage in Dynamic Pet Socials and Cultivate the Next Generation! Experience realistic pet interactions. Unlock varied appearances for your second-generation spiritual pets. Train and take elemental beasts into battle – become the legendary Soul Master everyone talks about!

Eternity Master

Let Spiritual Beasts Aid You in Battle and Shape-shift for Combat! Sync up with mighty creatures, tap into their power, and strategize. Transform the tide of battle and immerse yourself in a whole new combat experience.

Eternity Master

Design Your Fantasy Sanctuary! Create in the magical land of Mystical Mountain. Build structures you adore in your personal realm, visit friends, share experiences, and care for your cute spirit creatures.

Eternity Master

Thriving Open Market – The World at Your Fingertips! Your best gear is determined by the loot you find. Discover countless unbound items, treasures from events, second-generation beast eggs, crafted goods, and more. Dive into a diverse marketplace with tons of activities awaiting your participation.
Strategize and Conquer in World-Wide Faction Wars! Pick your favorite role, join the faction frenzy, fight for BOSS territories, and revel in the thrill of battle!
Hope that captures the essence and resonates with the target audience!

Available: Google Play – IT, DE, US, ID, etc…

Eternity Master

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