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Becoming Witch

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Becoming Witch (by HaoPlay Limited)

As a girl from a small town, you came alone to the vibrant and thrilling big city–Magnus City, with dreams of making a name for yourself in the world of journalism. However, as you immerse yourself in the bustling city life, strange events begin to unfold around you.
You find yourself met with various fantastical beings, and the dormant witch power within you starts to stir…

– Tale of Magic and Determination
Embrace the unknown path that lies ahead, for the pulsating magic power within you will serve as your guiding light!

Becoming Witch

– Unimaginable Romances
Ignite the flames of love between you and four special characters. Who will be the one to you?

Becoming Witch

– Diverse Outfits
Put on the most gorgeous outfit and fight the villains in Magnus City.

Becoming Witch

– Develop Power
Forge heartfelt friendships, cultivate your followers and solve the problems.

Becoming Witch

– Mystical Business
Start your magic stuff business by creating and selling magical artifacts.

Available: Google Play – US

Becoming Witch

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