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SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of SoulLand:Clash of Spirimasters (by 37GAMES GLOBAL)

This is a masterpiece of an RPG featuring incredible 3D graphics! Don’t miss out!

This mysterious world had enjoyed a thousand years of peace and tranquility, until vicious creatures emerged…
They attacked innocent people, slaughtered helpless animals, and cast a dark shadow over the land…

Only Spirimasters who have awakened their magical abilities could subjugate such Spirimons!
The bravest must prepare to fight!

SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

Summon Spirimasters
· Over one hundred collectible Spirimaster cards, each with unique abilities!
· Build the strongest squad using Spirimasters from five different classes!

SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

Hunt Spirimons
· Deadly Arachnid, Demon Whale King, Blazing Serpent… All sorts of ferocious Spirimons can be found in the Forest!
· Equip the Halos and Spiribones obtained from hunting to strengthen your squad!

SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

Conquer the Arena
· Use creative strategies and build unique lineups to achieve great victories!
· Defeat your opponents with spectacular combos!

SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

Explore the World
· Changes in weather and time of day allow for an immersive experience.
· Free exploration for hidden treasure chests.

Available: Google Play – US

SoulLand: Clash of Spirimasters

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