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Evil Rush – Idle Tower Defense

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Evil Rush – Idle Tower Defense (by Crazy Panda FZCO)

“Evil Rush – Idle Tower Defense” is a tower defense title you never knew you absolutely had to try. This casual mobile game with addictive gameplay draws on idle and rogue-like elements delivered in cool cartoonish 2D graphics. And it’s one of those times when it feels nice when evil wins!

Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense

As a player, you are a lovable villain set on destroying the human kingdom. You’re running strategic operations from a powerful tower, dealing with pestilent enemy waves and thus protecting your evil interests. A nice touch is added by the CCG (collectible card game) elements, where you aim to put together a unique deck of combat perks to optimize your defense strategy. And don’t forget about building your own city and upgrading it to increase your power and unleash chaos and destruction across the land. After all, your survival depends on your enemies’ demise, so get those Fireballs flying, those Beams piercing, and that Hail raining down on the trespassers’ heads!

Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense

The immersive fantasy world of “Evil Rush – Idle Tower Defense” offers a tasty blend of cute villainy, exciting perks that harness natural elements (think Ice Hail, Inferno, or Tsunami) and plenty of ways for you to progress.
Feel that cute and feisty evil rush through your veins! And become its one true master!

Available: Google Play – MX

Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense

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