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PreCats! – Idle Cat Raising

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of PreCats! – Idle Cat Raising (by IGNITION M)

“Play Idle, Easy and Simple Super Level Up RPG for Cute PreCats!

PreCats Save the World!?
Defeat monsters in search of simmered mackerel!!!

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising

Easy vertical screen one-handed operation
Operation is simple!
Enjoy casually in your spare moments!

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising

Auto-battle system
Battles against monsters are fully automatic!
Cats will automatically defeat enemies using weapons and special moves!

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising

Various combat styles
Strategy is up to you!
Use special moves and skills to build your own strategy!

The idle game “”PreCats!”” is recommended for those who:

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising

Enjoy games that combine cats, strategy, and idle gameplay.
Are looking for an idle game with simple controls.
Want to play idle games during summer break, winter break, New Year’s, and Obon.
Have never played an idle game but are interested.
Want to play an idle game with strategic elements.
Like cat characters.
Prefer cats over dogs.
Occasionally want to play something soothing.
Are searching for games with healing and strategic elements.
Want to play an idle game themed around cats.

PreCats! - Idle Cat Raising

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