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Black Star Brave

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 黑星勇者 (by 香港昆磐文娛有限公司)

Classic Japanese pixel style ghost RPG! Here you are super free!

On the Fantasy Star, the devil infiltrates and strange phenomena occur frequently!
The evil wind is raging, and all kinds of weird ruins are rising from the ground. In order to save the continent, brave men rise in response to the chaos and conquer the ruins!
As a new adventurer, you accidentally come to the fishman village in the southern continent. The story begins here…

Game Features


Practice is everywhere, games are not just about killing monsters
Upgrade and become stronger, not only fight monsters! Drink toilet water to improve your attributes, wake up after being hit by rewards while sleeping, sit in a cannon and launch yourself, use cannonballs to break through walls and open treasure chests, etc. Various interactive designs that are easily visible or hidden throughout the game world make the game process full of surprises and excitement. The fun of exploration is no longer monotonous and repetitive grinding of monsters.


The world is so big, I will go wherever the wind blows
The super-large world map contains dozens of cities and wild scenes. There is no “invisible big hand” holding you forward. From the time you complete the novice player guide, you are free and you decide where you want to stop.


The weather is cloudy and sunny, so be careful of getting sick while walking in the rain
It’s impossible to navigate when it’s raining, it’s difficult to move when it’s snowing, heavy rain makes people sick, and there are special plot NPCs that appear only in certain weather conditions. The changeable weather adds rich variety to the game world.


There are many partners, so charge and block guns without being verbose
Up to hundreds of partners can be collected, and up to 4 partners can be summoned into battle at the same time. The partners have various functions. They can not only output, control, heal, bless, weaken, but also instantly switch to mount form to help the protagonist block the gun.


It’s very comfortable to hang up and it’s not hard to operate by yourself
The game uses a combination of virtual joysticks and attack buttons, allowing players to control it freely and enjoy the fun of operation. It also provides a fully idle mode, allowing players to experience the game in a more casual way, leaving everything to the players themselves.

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO


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