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Falling Sky (Th)

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The description of Falling Sky : กระบี่มังกรหยก

Falling Sky: Jade Dragon Sword Legendary mobile game, Chinese mythology, MMORPG, 3D system, action style, classic inner power. The player plays the role of a great strategist, exploring the world of battle.

Practicing the Jian Ling sword Attaining the Arhat Land And met a land that is hidden with a circle of evil demons Team up with new friends Defeat the devil king Get special items Marriage with heterosexual couples Join the joyful adventure in the paradise Falling Sky: Jade Dragon Sword The charm of Chinese fairy tale games Experience practicing the master like never seen. Land of the Heavenly Gods awaits you to experience today!

[Heavenly Spirit Sword Jianling Earth battle reinforcement]
Uncompromising Sword, Raid Trilocant Heavenly Awakened Spirit Sword
The Legendary Sword, The Spirit Sword Sword, awakens all things of the sky, and awakens the skill above the earth.
Challenge BOSS Jian Ling. Release the evil spirit

Falling Sky : กระบี่มังกรหยก (Th)

The Sian god couple Join in the adventure without borders
Seeking a lover as he wishes. Become a lover of the land of Napalai.
Romantic Wedding Ceremony Brave surfers as witnesses of love
The Birth of the Goddess Doll The child seemed to love his partner of the bond.

Falling Sky : กระบี่มังกรหยก (Th)

Pets and vehicles of the land of the sky
Pet side by side: cute panda, permanent registration immediately. Not lonely adventure
Adventure Raids: Reindeer, Phoenix Fire, White Tiger, King Singkor Many models to choose from as needed.
Mystic Magic, The Fallen Devil King, high-quality qualifications waiting for free.

Falling Sky : กระบี่มังกรหยก (Th)

Arhat Dan Sianthep Master of Battle
Meditation, Twilight Zone, offline AFK, up fast, be the first one.
Demon King BOSS, precious treasure, get free unlimited.
Master Alliance Battle of races War of Merciless

Official website: https://fs.lvanos.com/

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