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Fantastic Eudemons

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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Fantastic Eudemons (by REDFOX GAMES CORP.)

Fantastic Eudemons is an immersive MMO RPG set in the mythical Land of Arte. You are a legendary warrior with magic power, with the help of powerful Eudemons, helping push back the demonic forces that threaten this peaceful land.
The game starts with Demons invaded Land of Arte, players could choose from three different characters- Warrior, Mage and Inhuman, together with human being and gods, using a combination of devastating weapons and powerful magic to eliminate Demons in battle.fight with Demons, guard the honour of the land.

Fantastic Eudemons

Eudemon system

Fantastic Eudemons

The cornerstone of your warrior’s power comes from an alliance with the godly Eudemons. These magical beings imbibe you with virtually unlimited power. The Eudemon system has two modes. Firstly, you can summon a Eudemon to fight alongside your character during battles. Secondly, you can join forces with the Eudemon to boost your own damage and survivability. Whatsmore, some Eudemons you can even ride as a mount, enjoy the super moving speed!

Customize characters with clothes and weapons

Fantastic Eudemons

If you love creating a unique character with their own style, Fantastic Eudemons offers an extensive fashion system. Firstly, choose from one of three different characters – Warrior, Mage, and Inhuman. Each character type has different abilities, and access to a different weapon set. Secondly, change the appearance of your character with hundreds of different armor and clothes sets. All gears with a unique appearance and switchable. You can collect weapons, clothes, helmet, mask, necklace, armor, bracers, gloves, ring, belt, boots, and combine as you pleases. In addition, you can always equip a Costume Icon to be special.

Official website http://gameneverland.com/

Fantastic Eudemons
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