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The description of Godsend Arena (by Powergamer)

Unprecedented Tower Defense Game.
Enter a fierce battle against powerful opponents!
Godsend Arena is a real-time multiplayer tower defense game that combines popular auto-chess elements with tower defense gameplay. Each game lasts 3-5 minutes, in which you can use your favorite skills to kill swarms of monsters and bring the nightmare to your enemies! Take advantage of artifacts and ultimate skills to show your exceptional combat prowess on the Ladder!
Battle it out with players from all over the world now!

It is well known that the gods gain their power from the faith of mankind. In this day and age, however, fewer and fewer people have faith and the gods are gradually losing their divine power. They now live in seclusion in a city called “”metropolitan.”” Some of them opened a bar. Some of them became rock singers. Is this where they will end up? Of course not!
To help the gods regain faith from the people, invite them to the “”Top Gods”” contest! Here, they can regain their power and become admired by everyone again!

Game features:

Create various skill combinations and fight thrilling battles with great strategy depth!
In Godsend Arena, you can enhance your hero with hundreds of skill combinations to give him devastating combat power. You can take advantage of different artifacts, ultimate skills, and items for different occasions and opponents and strike a powerful blow that will make your opponent tremble in fear! The monsters you kill will immediately appear on the opponent’s board. Imagine if you use a powerful summoning skill now… Hehe, do you want to see your opponent panic in front of hordes of monsters?

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Over a hundred skill effects are here for you to collect and try!
Combine different hero talents and pick the skills that suit them the most to create your own powerful combo. Skills include spells, summons, curses, buffs, debuffs, etc. Identical skills can be combined and upgraded. Use the most effective skill combination and powerful top-level skill to become the mightiest god!

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Climb the Ladder and become the king of the gods!
Climb global and local leaderboards to prove that you have the most powerful gods and win valuable rewards!

Enjoy Boss Challenges with different themes!
Every week, you can participate in different [Boss Challenges]. Choose the best gods for the challenge, defeat the boss and bring peace to the realm of the gods!

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Join the arena and experience fair play!
Obtain a ticket and join the Arena for the ultimate knockout tournament! Choose a hero and build him from scratch. Select exclusive skills, artifacts, and familiars for him, help him grow and transform after hundreds of battles, and obtain valuable rewards!

Constant updates
We’ll be adding new heroes, new skills, new maps, new modes and new events in the future, so stay tuned!

Available: Google Play – PH

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