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Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG (by NEOWIZ)

We are recruiting gamers from the world government! Manipulate a guardian who never dies to wipe out the enemy and grow indefinitely!

Smart hologram beautiful girl AI guardian!
Endless growth while not connected to the game!
You can manipulate your guardian by yourself and let him hunt automatically according to the situation.

Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

Unmatched speed and batting!
Hack-and-slash game with different dimensions from more than 200 monsters!
The more you grow, the faster you attack and the more you move, the more fun you feel to play!

Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

A lot of strategies, but simple and easy to play!
If you hunt without the stress of death and become strong, it’
You can use a variety of skills and equipment to grow with your own special strategy!

Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

Communicate with other gamers!
Communicate with other users at Gangnam Station, which is embodied in the virtual world, and go to another world!
Show your own characters with hundreds of appearance combinations!

Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG

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