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Heroes Go: Survivor

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heroes Go: Survivor (by Chen Xi Game)

Heroes Go: Survivor is coming. Our core gameplay is nurturing + strategy, the game is still the classic warrior, mage, priest, tank four professions, each profession and hero skills have their own characteristics. Around the hero, treasure combinations, players can use different heroes and treasure with the skill combos, triggering elemental resonance and other effects in different maps continue to break through. At the same time, the game has also added many new development lines and resource acquisition systems, such as monster farms, hero dispatch, peak level; each map’s characteristics of the map development, exclusive map manuals, map exclusive development treasures, etc., so that everyone in the adventure journey is no longer boring. The official service will open “tower”, secret world, graduation suit and other interesting content, welcome all adventurers to experience.

Heroes Go: Survivor

Our game’s main focus is placing hang-ups and automatic leveling. Free your hands and enjoy the fun of AOE mowing(๑-̀ㅂ-́)و✧. Of course, we are also equipped with a joystick to move the team’s position, so players can find a place in the map to start their own hanging journey~!

Heroes Go: Survivor

Elemental Resonance Skill Linkage
Dozens of heroes, hundreds of skill combinations with the team, more elemental resonance, and skill linkage triggers the effect of the treasure and help break through. The elemental resonance of the treasure is considered to be the core gameplay of our game. A reasonable combination of heroes and treasure selection can maximize the effect of the treasure. The selection of the treasure will be prompted by the skills of the current team of heroes skills, which can trigger the effect of the treasure Oh.

Heroes Go: Survivor

Monster Farm
It is not a long time to adventure encountered in the monster dissatisfaction it (# `O′), quickly caught them into the “sweatshop” inside the hard “pressure” labor. After successfully breaking through the level, you will get the corresponding map’s monsters. Players can choose the right factory in the home system to put them in; the right monster will increase the production speed of the factory. The materials produced by the factory will be automatically converted into corresponding upgrade and strengthening materials.

Heroes Go: Survivor

Random Encounters
Various random encounters will be triggered during the adventure, such as the sphinx that won’t let you go without answering the right questions, the adventurous merchant who travels all over the world, and the boss at the village entrance who provides trials. All kinds of interesting encounters and rewards are waiting for players to explore. At the same time, the game also has a variety of development gameplay, such as the unique development gameplay of each map: the Queen’s blessing of the Ice Graveyard, the desert’s mysterious stone slabs, the altar of the God of Fire in the lava zone, and so on. Rich-development gameplay to let you adventure on the road is not boring.

Available: Google Play – US

Heroes Go: Survivor

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