Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of HeroesReignV (by Fazer)

Welcome to the town of Heroes Reign!

Recruit heroes and embark on quests to defeat monsters!
Level up and promote your heroes to unlock new skills and outfits!
Uncover and upgrade powerful weapons!
Explore enchanting environment across more than 50 quests!
Use the FREEZE feature to pause the game and issue strategic commands for your heroes!

Command your heroes and use strategic maneuver to bring down enemies. Use stealth to disable enemies and bring the fight to your advantage Or simply overpower your enemies with devastating spells!

Select 3 from 9 distinctive heroes to form different combinations :

Warrior : Draw attack from enemies and dish out AOE damage!
Healer : Heal allies and provide support fire power!
Archer : Specialize in range attack and support skill to disable enemies!
Mage : Manipulate the weather to bring destruction onto the enemies!
Cleric : Capable healer who double up as a tank!
DarkMage : Unleash an arsenal of spell to deal intense damage!
Assassin : Move in the shadows to bring destruction unto enemies!
DarkKnight : Powerful tank who use dark magic to heal himself!
Defender : Defensive bastion who specializes in counterattack!


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