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Hortensia Saga R (TW)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios(TW,HK)

The description of 蒼之騎士團R (by LTGame)

Japanese SEGA authentic epic strategy role-playing mobile game!

On the basis of inheriting the original plot and gameplay, “Knights of the Blue R” uses fine 3D graphics to reproduce the magnificent era of medieval knights. In order to eradicate monsters and maintain peace, the young lord step by step uncovers the truth behind the chaos. story. Innovative “see-saw chessboard” design, fetters develop the gameplay, and the combat experience is richer and more exciting.

[Game Features]
“SEGA is authentic, renew the fate of the knight”
The game is authorized by Japanese SEGA, continues the orthodox strategy RPG gameplay, and innovates, let your knight journey begin immediately.


“Classic epic plot, guarding the fire of hope in Oltensia”
The game reproduces the classic plot of “Knights of the Blue”. Starting with the civil strife in the Kingdom of Oltensia, the young protagonist embarks on an adventure full of fantasy with his fellow knights.
Each knight in the game has its own story, and together with the main story, it builds a huge game world view.


“Super rich combat strategy, gorgeous secrets to turn the tide of battle”
“Knights of the Blue R” inherits the unique war chess gameplay of “Knights of the Blue”. It is both fast-paced and interesting, while breaking through the boundaries of the battlefield between our side and the enemy and expanding the battlefield.
During the battle, after clearing the enemy’s frontline soldiers, we can take the enemy’s chess grid as our own, expand the range of attack, siege cities and land, and further improve our strategy.


“Luxury audiovisual feast, exquisite picture CV master”
“Knights of the Blue R” uses the PBR card rendering style to create a meticulously crafted 3D remake of the screen, and the plot is truly reproduced in the form of full animation, presenting players with a magnificent world view and immersive plot story.
The luxurious CV has a huge lineup, with a gathering of super first-line celebrities, and a million-character voice plot original soundtrack performance, with stronger plot tension.


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