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Immortal Destiny (GLOBAL)

Official Launch+Apk

Pre-registration of the game Immortal Destiny is completed, the game is officially available on Google play.

Best Immortal Destiny Life Simulator!
Twist the Immortal Destiny and write Eastern Fantasy Tales!

Immortal Destiny

Defeat various Bosses to Farm Epic Loots!
-Obtain different parts of unique sets
-Enhance your equipments with tons of materials

Immortal Destiny

Free Auction! Sell Legendary Weapons for Cash!
-Trade the super rare equipments with othre players
-Purchase top tier equipment set to dominate the ranking

Immortal Destiny

Intensive Guild Fights among 100+ Cross-server Players!
-Destroy enemy guilds by defeating each member of it
-Occupy all the forts and seize the fortune

Immortal Destiny

Outfits, Mounts, Wings and Speical Effects! Design your ideal Combination!
-Unique special effects for weapons, armor sets and footprints
-1001 Combinations for 1000 players

Immortal Destiny

Build your own House as the Eternal Haven!
-Decorate your cozy rooms with 100+ different components
-Plant precious herbs and produce mythical potions

Immortal Destiny
Morroc & Bean
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