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Isekai Dispatcher – Pixel game

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Isekai Dispatcher – Pixel game (by IGNITION M)

The latest release from IGNITION M!
A new sensation, ” Board game x Auto Battle RPG”!

Isekai Dispatcher - Pixel game

Dispatched employees who have been reincarnated into Isekai go on a rampage!
Many surreal and unique dispatched employees appear in the game!
Reincarnate dispatched employees into isekai and protect them from evil threats!

Isekai Dispatcher - Pixel game

Familiar board game system
Play board game, everyone’s favorite game, to conquer isekai!
Roll the dice to gain an advantage!

Isekai Dispatcher - Pixel game

Easy auto battle system
The dispatched employees will hit the enemies with all their might!
Special moves are also triggered automatically!

Isekai Dispatcher - Pixel game

“Isekai Dispatcher” is recommended for people who..!
People who like stories of reincarnation in isekai
Want to be a warrior in isekai
People who like dot pictures
People who like surrealistic characters
Want to play games during summer vacation, winter vacation, and New Year’s holiday
Want to play games carefully.

Isekai Dispatcher - Pixel game

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