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Girls Evo: Idle RPG

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Girls Evo: Idle RPG (by Loongcheer Game)

Hey Master, you are the only one with pure power in the Elven World. We need your help to save the world from chaos.
Catch monsters here to be your teammates and evolve them to be stronger to go further in the unknown journey!

Game Features

Catch and Collect
Explore the mythic world and discover over 100 unique animated monsters from six factions. Capture those monsters with their own features to build your exclusive team and Collect them to complete your digital Index!

Girls Evo: Idle RPG

Train and Evolve
Upgrade and Equip your monsters to be stronger and unleash their mighty potential. Evolve them to get huge power and different animated image.


Strategic Battle with Your Wisdom
Know your monsters & girls well to be the legend trainer! Make full use of their strengths, the faction restriction, faction buff and formation. Those all will be a great support to you in battle. Master these points, you can even defeat enemies whose power is higher than yours.


One tap to play, A Relaxing AFK RPG
Just deploy monsters on your team and then they will fight for you automatically. No matter when and where, online or offline. Reap the rewards when you next log on. You can also enjoy multiple gameplays at the same time! A few minutes per day but a lot of fun.

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Various Game Modes
There is so much interesting gameplay for you to explore. Enjoy PVP league and PVE modes. Challenge different players around the world in arena, climb the tower to prove your power and conquer the dungeons to earn resources, etc.

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