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The description of Project RUN (by Exptional Global)

Mastermind the Survival Strategy in a Post-Apocalyptic World!
Welcome to [Project RUN], a survival strategy game set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. As a leader among the last human, your wit and foresight will be tested as you navigate the harsh realities of a world overrun by the undead.

Beware! Zombies will relentlessly chase you!
As you run towards the survival base, you have a limited reaction time. Choose the ideal skill combination quickly, perform powerful combo moves, and collect buffs to boost your weapons and heal yourself.
Discover different upgrade paths, each with unique results. Try them all for free!
And don’t worry, auto-shooting will save you some trouble.

Project RUN

Surviving isn’t easy. You must master hunting, cooking and woodcutting.
Even though the city has fallen, plenty of resources are scattered throughout. Collect and manage them well to fortify your sanctuary.

Project RUN

Recruit heroes with diverse abilities and unique talents. They can not only help you escape the pursuit of zombies but also lead your troops to achieve a perfect victory on the battlefield.
Utilize their skills to break through zombie hordes while running and increase resource output through strategic hero assignment in base-building.
In the world map challenge, assign heroes with compatible attributes as leaders for different troops to maximize combat power.

Project RUN

Join or create an alliance to band together with your allies and withstand attack from others, challenge massive world bosses, and share resources and technological advancements.
In addition to alliance, you can form a 3-person group with 2 other leaders to increase your daily resources gain.

Project RUN

In this 4X strategy game, there are many strategy-making situations.
Skillfully manage your resources to fortify your base, develop military force and technology, and upgrade your troops. Employ different tactics to attack or defend against enemies to protect your resources and territories. Engage in diplomacy with other players to ensure the safety and prosperity of your city.
Your strategies will define your survival in the face of the apocalypse.

Project RUN

Pets are the first and forever companions on your journey to survive the apocalypse.
Collect these furry friends, not only can they provide you with emotional comfort, but they can also come to your aid when the zombies are upon you.

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Available: Google Play – US, CA, BR

Project RUN

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