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Zombie Breaker

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Breaker (by HighSpirit)

Languages: English

Zombies have invaded the peaceful city!
Become a courageous hunter and bring peace to the city.

좀비 브레이커: 방치형 RPG

Hunt zombies and farm items.

Strengthen the hunter infinitely and arm him with equipment and skills.
Become a fearsome being.

좀비 브레이커: 방치형 RPG

Collect pets! Fight with cute pets.

Level up just by leaving it alone! The zombie hunt doesn’t stop even while you rest.

Offline rewards 99.9% !!! You can turn off your cell phone for a while!!!

Available: Google Play – Korean

좀비 브레이커: 방치형 RPG
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