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Quest – Wild Mission

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Quest – Wild Mission (by Dusts)

Quest – Wild Mission is a Combat & Stealth action game in wild locations. Put your combat skills to the test as you make your way through uncharted lands. Search, rescue, retrieve, loot and explore the wild mission.

Unique Features

-CHARACTER: Six (6) different character to choose from. Pick the skin that most suit your play style.

Quest - Wild Mission

WEAPON: Choosing the right weapon is a big part of your tactics. Equip yourself with several kinds of weapon in each mission – and there’s something special for each mission. Axes, machetes, handguns, Shotguns, machine-guns, assault rifles, crossbows and more. All weapons are upgradable.

Quest - Wild Mission

CAMPAIGN: Wild Mission features three (3) campaign. Each campaign offers a different look, feel and challenge, + you can never tell what’s lurking in the corner.

Quest - Wild Mission
Quest - Wild Mission

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