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Pixel Chronicle

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Chronicle (by EVERGAME)

This game features a dark, retro cartoon theme with a unique blend of pixel art and original illustrations, presenting a rich, solemn atmosphere. This strategy card game for mobile devices allows players to form teams of three heroes, exploring and collecting various items through incremental gameplay elements and dynamic random events, making each journey more engaging. Battles last no more than three minutes, ensuring quick and easy gameplay.

Pixel Chronicle

One day in the future, a sudden mass disappearance of people occurs globally, coinciding with numerous temporal rifts appearing worldwide. The investigation organization G.A.L.E collects clues linking the disappearances and mysterious rifts to a newly released game. To find the missing and close the rifts, G.A.L.E assembles a team of gaming experts to delve into this enigmatic game and uncover the truth behind these events.

Pixel Chronicle

The game is easy to learn but retains its strategic depth as players quickly adapt to the rhythm, utilizing unique card upgrades and selection mechanisms for endless possibilities in matches. It features exquisite pixel art character designs for a top-tier audiovisual experience, moving away from traditional lengthy turn-based card games to support real-time player battles, capturing the essence of brain-engaging card battles within three minutes. The game emphasizes competitive balance, focusing on strategic deck-building and gameplay tactics rather than just pay-to-win elements.

Pixel Chronicle

Game Features:

Easy to play, perfect for beginners.
Vertical screen interface, quick 5-8 minute matches, accessible anywhere, anytime! Zero barriers to entry, packed with rewards for newcomers to quickly build competitive decks.

Pixel Chronicle

Rich gameplay, an extraordinary card game experience!
Unique card combinations and gameplay styles. Original main and side quests provide a fresh and engaging experience, steering clear of monotony and repetition for a thrilling summer gaming fest!

Pixel Chronicle

A standalone narrative and world view.
It offers an immersive gaming experience. Players can enjoy the narrative intertwined with the card game fun, bringing vividly portrayed characters and card mechanics into real battles.

Available: Google Play – China

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