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Zombie Puzzles Quest

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The description of Zombie Puzzles Quest

The outbreak of a deadly virus swept over the world. Almost all of humanity have turned into zombies. Lead your followers to survive the apocalypse: that is your quest.

Match-3 Puzzle meets Strategy! Solve the mysteries and build an impenetrable sanctuary. The future of humanity is in your hands.
Tip: Use your brain to defend your brain!

– Solve puzzles to kill zombies
– Arm yourself with strategy and tactics
– A combination of a tactical wargame and casual puzzle gameplay
– An innovative post-apocalyptic experience

Zombie Puzzles Quest

– Lead survivors in the last bastion of humanity
– Craft cutting-edge equipment to smash your enemies

Zombie Puzzles Quest

– Superhuman powers emerged alongside the zombie virus
– Recruit Heroes from the notorious Noah’s Tavern
– Heroes improve your military and economical strength

Zombie Puzzles Quest
Zombie Puzzles Quest

– No one can survive alone, fight alongside your allies
– Watch out for potential threats, be they zombies or humans

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Zombie Puzzles Quest
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One thought on “Zombie Puzzles Quest

  • need a strategy guide. Game is very detailed, but need to learn how to play it, thus a basic how to guide.
    Such as how to move the main base. Can we even relocate the main base? Not the individual sanctuaries but the main compound.

    Can we move our buildings so that they are all close together?
    like having all of the hospitals close together, all the farms close together.
    Or do we have to destroy it and rebuild it?

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